Building your Personal Brand

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Personal Branding Podcast

Building your Personal Brand

“Only you can do you flawlessly” ~ Lily Mensah

In this episode my guest Lily Mensah Yeboah shares her strategy for building a personal brand.

Listen and learn and share!

Lily Mensah Yeboah: Sassy, spirited and motivational is the Brand called Lily Mensah Yeboah!  She’s an internationally savvy personal brand connoisseur with a flair for creating professional and endearing presence on paper, in personal and online. As a branding strategist and coach, Lily works with talented individuals in projecting and articulating what makes them unique so they can stand out from others with similar qualifications and expertise.

This fire-brand hosts her own radio show called #TeaWithLily where she interviews the great and the good on tips and tricks for professional and personal growth.

She went to Achimota School;  lived in Orlando, London and Accra; Worked at Arthur Andersen as Senior Marketing Specialist (Financial Services) focusing on branding; Founder and Brand Ambassador for Lyncs Media.

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