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Building Your Brand – Niche Power

A little Story of Patience and Brand Recognition in this episode

The power of a well-developed brand can’t be overstated. Over time, focusing on a specific niche and consistently delivering value establishes you as a trusted expert. So let me share a story that exemplifies this principle. This happened just today

Years ago, as a young speaker, I aspired to invite a renowned speaker to an event. The challenge? His high-profile status made him expensive, especially for an unknown organizer like myself. Plus so many gatekeepers that prevented me from getting access to him. Ultimately, we couldn’t secure him. Sad but we moved on.

Fast Forward! A decade later, I received an unexpected call. It was from the very same speaker I’d tried to invite a decade earlier! My consistent work and expertise in digital publishing had preceded me. They’d found me through an online search, impressed by my brand and books on Amazon. My brand opened the door. 😉
He needed some digital branding and publishing services from me.

You see the importance of building your brand over time. Consistent effort in a specific niche allows your work to speak for itself.
You gain leverage, access to valuable opportunities, and increased value perception, thereby translating into higher potential earnings.

Chale it takes time to build a solid brand, let’s begin today!

So, what brand are you building? Don’t underestimate its power. Be consistent, patience, and focus on building credibility. When the time comes to showcase your expertise, people will recognize your value and be willing to pay your worth.

I’m Bernard Kelvin Clive
your personal branding coach

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