Building your brand Audience with Edwin Dearborn

Digital Publishing / Personal Branding Podcast

Building your brand Audience with Edwin Dearborn

“Good Content Marketers do listen: Listen to what people say, watch trends and businesses ” ~ Edwin Dearborn

Listen and learn how you can use content marketing strategies to build your brand audience.

Find out the role of trust in brand building.

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In this episode in an interview with Edwin Dearborn on Personal branding and Content marketing

He share tips on how college students can build brand and access jobs with ease.

Edwin Dearborn is first and foremost a marketing enthusiast. The Orange County Register referred to Edwin as a “Marketing Expert”. Edwin is also a veteran C-level executive, having been a CEO of a large non-profit organization in Orange County, CA for over 18 years. As a CEO, he was personally responsible for overseeing the planning and management of his 100 staff. During his tenure, Edwin proactively lead many events and volunteers which resulted in ten’s of millions of dollars in funds raised for charitable organizations and programs around the world.



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