Building Your CEO Brand

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Building Your CEO Brand

10 CEO Branding Tips (Infographic)

How to build an Influential Digital Presence for your Brand and Business

Branding is the ability to constantly create a perception in the minds of your audience/market that there is no product/service that meet their needs and wants by providing distinct value like yours” ~ Bernard Kelvin Clive

To begin with note that where the CEOs personal vision doesn’t align with the company’s vision the brand will eventually fail.

  1. You are the first brand ambassador of your firm
  1. Your personal brand is as important as your corporate brand
  1. Communicate your brand’s value in simple English. (Simplify) succinctly
  1. Wear your brand daily
  1. Find out how consumers perceive your brand
  1. Know what people like most and dislike about your brand
  1. Invest in Employer Branding
  1. Never neglect Social Media as part of your brand LinkedIn is a MUST for CEOs)
  1. Your private and public life are interrelated as long as you are the head.
  1. Stay transparent, stay trusted!

Bernard Kelvin Clive is Personal Branding Coach/ Amazon bestselling author of “How to Repair Your Broken Brand & Manage Your Reputation” plus over twenty-five published books.

CEO Branding Tips
CEO Branding Tips

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