Branding Predictions 2020+

Branding predictions 2020
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Branding Predictions 2020+

Personal Branding Predictions for 2020+

“We’re the generation. We can’t afford to wait. The future started yesterday and we’re already late”- John Legend

The question is, what do brands have for the future and not what does the future hold for brands. For brands that are determined to stay top of mind in business today, will require more than what worked yesterday. They must be willing to go the extra mile and pay attention to the following pillars/predictions. Have a prepared mind to harness future possibilities.

The truth is that the digital landscape is predictably unpredictable. However, with the right data, one can prepare ahead, stay abreast and take advantage of the ever-changing tides of technology.

Here are what to do and expect in the coming year(s).

1. Brand reinvestment:

To reap a bounty harvest in any field of endeavour requires sowing good, seeds in a good soils and nurturing it to grow. Right environment and timing are critical success factors. In the same way, any brand that desires to make the most of the coming times must begin planting (preparing) and pruning (strategizing). Great brands don’t just show up overnight, they are deliberately built. In effect corporations must educate their staff and equip them appropriately by investing in them (seed sowing and nurturing) if they desire to thrive.

In the coming years, Companies will begin empowering their employees to build strong and influential personal brand, so they can leverage it. Corporate employee brand advocacy programs will be on the rise. That will be the game-changer. Personal branding for corporate gains. It’s going to be a win-win for the employer and the employee.

Additionally, brands must always reinvest in plans and strategies that are working and never to settle. Invest in research and development and invest in employers as brand advocates/ambassadors.

2. Jobs and Hiring:

Companies will be hiring candidates with established personal brands/ influencers aside from their expertise and qualifications. Candidates with strong Personal brand, social media presence will be the preferred ones.

It’s time to pay attention to your ‘Personal Brand. If you are a job seeker, begin building your online brand today. Note that every piece of content you churn will either help you or hurt you. You’ve got the power to build that strong brand now.

3. Content Building:

It’s not about ‘content being king’. The truth is that, there is and will always be lots of content on this age. What’s needed most is, relevant, timely and accurate content. Providing relevant and usable data that can scale brands and businesses.

In the coming years, Brands will start creating and curating original content for promotion. Creating their data banks. Media and data will be the tool to be used as a driver for growth and dominance. Video content demands will still be on top.

What are you to do?

Pay attention to every video publishing platform and invest in quality content production, not the hype.

So, it’s your time and turn to act now.

“The Future belongs to those who are building Brands now, for they will be sought-after” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

The future of branding is personal. [Ponder]

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