Branding Beyond Social Media

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Branding Beyond Social Media

Social Media Branding

 “Branding is not just about social media” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

In a social media-driven world, it’s quite easy to assume that everything is about social media. This has made people believe all sorts of things that should not have been believed in the first place.

In reference to branding, a number of books and articles online have skewed branding towards social media, more especially the subject to do with ‘personal branding’ – instructing readers on setting up social media accounts, and making them visible, yadda yadda… I addressed that in my book “The Art of Personal Branding”.

The truth is this; social media can be used by individuals and companies to virtually promote their brands. But when the subject of branding is almost replaced with social media activities, that becomes a problem. Because it will mostly lack the depth of branding.

Social media shouldn’t be the starting place; It is only a Channel that individuals and brands can utilize to establish and promote their businesses.

A quick rundown on the rudiments of branding:

  • An emotional empowering connection people have with you and your firm
  • It’s made up of both the intangible and tangible things
  • It’s more intangible than tangible
  • Brand identity, Logo, colours, style
  • Tone of voice, values, vision and mission
  • Uniqueness, a differentiation factor

With this said, when you find out that your focus is only on social media as a brand that becomes erroneous, quickly re-strategize. Social media is not branding, it’s only a tool to help position, promote and engage your audience online. It doesn’t replace the branding process or its meaning.

As a brand, your focus is to ensure that you use these channels of communications effectively to your advantage, most importantly the channels that can best help you reach your target audience.

If it’s social media, then, make the most of it.

Here are few social media branding tips:

  • Choose your platform properly; which platform can help you reach your market
  • Have a clear purpose of being on social media
  • Develop a social media strategy and campaign
  • Make your brand visuals appealing and consistent.
  • Be consistent with your message, not forgetting your brand’s tone of voice
  • Engage! Engage!! Engage!!!
  • Don’t just broadcast, it’s a two-way communication channel
  • Listen to your audience and respond to their needs
  • Deliver on your brand’s promise!!!

With these few tips, you can move your brand online upwards!


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