Brand and Career Talk with Career Strategist Sherri Thomas

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Brand and Career Talk with Career Strategist Sherri Thomas

Personal Branding and Career Building talk with Career Strategist Sherri Thomas

Listen, learn and share this podcast interview I had with Sherri Thomas,

Sherri Thomas is a Career Strategist, international speaker, award-winning author, and President of Career Coaching 360 ( She’s helped thousands of executives and professionals change, re-brand, advance and take their career in a whole new direction.

Author of award-winning book, “The Bounce Back – personal stories and strategies to you help you bounce back higher and faster after a layoff, re-org or career setback” was named 2013 best career book by Indie Book Awards. Also, author of “Career Smart – 5 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand”.

Sherri is a champion of helping others thrive and live in their best career. AS a keynote speaker, she’s spoken at conferences and events around the world including the United States, Malaysia, Israel, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, Mexico and Vietnam. Her career strategies have been published in the Wall St Journal, TIME Magazine, Smart Money magazine, the New York Daily News, Investors Business Daily, and many others.

Throughout her career, Sherri has worked for three Fortune 500 Companies overseeing and holding various positions in marketing, IT, management training and development, and global communications. She successfully reinvented herself and transitioned into various job roles and industries including television, radio, finance, and high tech. Sherri began her career as a radio disc jockey in Phoenix and Monterey, and was one of the few women in the country to host her own morning show.


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