BKC Motivational Show – Episode 7

esi yankah
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BKC Motivational Show – Episode 7

Guest Author/Speaker Esi Yankah, Author of the book ‘Now, waaaaait a minute!”

Esi Yankah is a free-spirited, bubbly young woman that finds happiness in helping others become their best. Cautious to always live a life that is cheerful and purposeful, Esi does not believe that young change makers and entrepreneurs like herself are an extraordinary breed of people; rather, as she explains, “We just back our faith with action…. Guest Author on BKC Motivational Show

Listen to the interview below.

Guest Speaker:  EMMANUEL WOYOME is a Career Coach, Trainer & Author. In furtherance of his personal mission of “Helping People Find Effectiveness & Fulfillment in their Work Life,” he writes, counsels and speaks on Career Development. As a Trainer, he uses Personality Type and Temperaments as a foundation for training in Team Building, Talent Development, Staff Productivity and Career Management as well as Leadership Development under the auspices of Corporate Life Consulting, an independent consulting and publishing firm.

What do you do if you find yourself in a Job you hate? How do you transition? How do you choose a career base on your talents and gifting? etc… Guest Emmanuel Woyome will be answering these questions and more.


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