Birth Your Ideas

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Birth Your Ideas

Too many people do not let their dreams see the sun shine because they are too afraid of the shadows that will fall behind, the possibility of failure, scared of their dreams not being able to survive the test of time. So they stay forever in the darkrooms of their minds and they refuse to develop it till eternity. Unfortunately many of such dreams never come to pass because such dreams either over stayed in the darkrooms of their minds or prematurely birthed because of fear.

Today whatever your dreams are, be confident in it and in your abilities, put it to test, you may fail or succeed, but don’t give up on it in anyway. Dream another dream anytime anyway and pursue your dreams. Time and chance will be there to support you. Live your dreams and don’t die with your music unsung. Now is the time, the season. Birth your ideas, the world is waiting.

[audio:|titles=52 Seconds – Bernard Kelvin Clive – Birth your Ideas]

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