Audio Branding: Podcast Marketing with Ben Krueger

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Audio Branding: Podcast Marketing with Ben Krueger

“Podcasting is a Marketing and Positioning Tool”

In this episode I interviewed Ben Krueger on the subject of Podcasting, Positioning and Marketing:

Ben Krueger is the owner of Authority Engine and creator of Small Business Podcasting, Podcasting Marketing HQ, and host of the Authority Engine Podcast as featured on Itunes, and Stitcher Radio. –

 He’s probably best known around the water cooler as the “Podcast Marketing Guy” and has become the go-to authority on positioning, cultivating and growing small businesses through the power of podcast marketing.

Tips for the episode

NB: Podcasting is a Marketing and Positioning Tool

Concerning podcasting and business: Start with your vision/goal for your company, eg where do you want to see your clients and business in the next two years?

Who are you audience?

Who are your guests?

What are you providing?

Who are we talking to?

How to tailor your content to them?

Listen and take action.

Comments (5)

  1. Samuel Ansi Jnr

    “What makes them sweat at night” ~Ben Krueger. Thanks Bernard, learnt a lot.

    1. Good to know you learnt a lot from this. That’s it! @samuelansijnr:disqus

  2. Podcastcoach

    This is great advice it ALWAYS starts with your audience. So many people forget about their audience and only focus on themselves and then wonder why the audience doesn’t connect with the content

    1. Thanks @Podcastcoach:disqus looking forward to hosting you to share your experience in the podcasting arena with us.

  3. great podcast i have learn a lot from Ben Kruger. Thanks BKC for the podcast

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