Art is Priceless

art is priceless
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Art is Priceless

“True artists don’t create for their audience; the audience discover them” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

To all writers, poets, authors cheers!!!!

True artists don’t create for their audience; the audience discover them. Once an artist starts creating by the dictates of its audience, he seizes to be an artist, he becomes a business man. Artists do art out of love.

You paint the world with your words and make it such a beautiful place. Falling in love or out of love.?

Let’s fall in love, not a love story but there is love in it. For writers, poets and authors, the point is this; you must come to a point where you totally fall in love with your writing style, right from the beginning or journey along and totally settle this is your heart that not everyone will love your piece.

Your work may or may not be the best in your eyes, but it’s your babe, you’ve got to love it and make it the best at all times. If you seek perfection it will elude you, seek progress, the desire to communicate something of real value to your reader; to inform, entertain, educate. Communicate your expertise in little ways, not seeking to please the masses.

Someone may pick your piece and be inspired others will not, that’s life. If they find your work meaningful, great If not, it may not be for them or not the right time. Don’t give up, let love lead. keep giving your best, the universe will reward you greatly. #EnjoyLife


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