Advantages Personal Branding Offers You

Benefits of personal branding - podcast
Personal Branding Podcast

Advantages Personal Branding Offers You

Benefits of Personal branding

Are you known, unknown or too-known?

Growing up in Sub-Sahara Africa, it was quite uncommon for successful people (experts) to toot their horns, it was seen as bragging, being boastful and proud. Rarely did I hear or see someone beat their chest and raise the head up high to declare their expert status. They would rather do their great deeds quietly and let others praise them for it. A culture which I think had hampered many great talents who would have shot up to the limelight if they were a little ‘loud’ about what they could do best and had packed themselves to that effect. 

However, times and seasons have changed, if one is that good at what they do now and doesn’t make frantic effort to be known, he may die in oblivion.

You know what, without the right understanding of a thing, it’s abuse is inevitable. It’s about time to delve deeper and uncover the greatness embedded in you and put your best foot forward, letting go off the old beliefs holding you back. To shine brighter and let the world know what you’ve got to offer – making the world a better place. As the good old book puts it “you can’t light a candle and put it under a table”. It’s meant to glow and offer light. 

That’s you! Hello there, welcome to the personal branding age, the ‘me- era.

In the “me’ era, the value people place on individuals as brands is premium. This is to say that people are giving more attention to personal brands now than ever before. From celebrity brands to business mogul brands. The power of ‘me. is on the rise. So, then how do you take advantage of the rising tides and times? Come along with me…

To begin with, let’s define personal banding. 

Personal branding is how you distinctively market your uniqueness. How you position yourself to offer value to the market.

If you’ve been battling with yourself whether to start building your brand or not, may these benefits spark a new positive desire to begin.

Here are some benefits of branding yourself – personal branding.

1. Credibility: Personal branding positions you as an expert in your field or niche. It establishes your expert status, and guess what? We largely trust experts. If you can be trusted in this age, you have a business, but if you cannot be trusted you’ve lost business. Personal branding helps you build trust. By constantly delivering on your brand promise establishes trust. It tells people, you are authentic and credible, you promised X and delivered X. A successful personal brand is consistent in all it does.

2. Connection:

One of the greatest assets in life is to have a network of people who know your worth belief in you and willing to engage your services. That’s the value personal branding offers you. Building your brand sets you apart from the huge competition out there, getting you closer and closer to your audience and the right market for business. It helps you build meaningful relationships with other businesses and brands. Your connection grows not just wider and better, because you know exactly the kind of people you want to impact, influence and do business with. Your brand reveals who you know and who knows you! Are you known in your field?

3. Contracts:

Imagine having built a large following on social media and having firms hiring you just to endorse or mention their brand in your post. Boom! That’s influencer marketing using your brand as a tool to market other brands. It’s easier dealing with a well-known brand than an obscure one, yes, that’s the power of your brand. It makes you more visible to a whole lot more people that you can leverage for business. Your brand contacts lead to contracts.

4. Cash:

Regardless of what we do, we would need money in one way or the other, and this where your personal brand kicks in, to work on your behalf. It markets you to others who will be willing to exchange money for your products and services. A well-built personal brand will bring in revenue. You become a magnet of cash when your brand becomes attractive. Promoting your products and services becomes easier because you will attract them with your brand visibility.

5. Confidence:

Building your personal brand increases your confidence level. You believe in yourself first to get started. Believing you have something of value to offer the world set you up to succeed in your endeavor. Without confidence in yourself and what you have to offer you become less attractive and subsequently ignored and forgotten. Confidence is a cherished asset in brand building. It takes a confident person to tell others what they have. Sell yourself big!

6. Collaboration:

Personal branding leads to better association and partnership. When you become a thought-leader in your niche or industry you attract like-minded folks to your business. People like to associate with already successful people in their fields, and your personal brand will offer you that magical connection. Partnership for growth and impact!

7. Commendation:

The go-to-guy! Building your personal-brand places you on the radar of great referrals and recommendations. You become top of mind. When people are talking of a specific product or service, your brand comes to mind first. You become the first point of call and contact. When you become a person of excellence. A preferred brand you will be a referred brand. This generating massive traffic. 

8. Clarity:  

Your brand makes you an authority. Your voice will begin to count and command attention. Clarity gives power to what you do. Once you are clear on your calling the world of unlimited opportunities opens up unto you from all sort of places. Your life’s purpose, mission, vision, and goals become clear when you build your brand. You set yourself apart from the masses, noise, and distractions of not knowing what to do with your life.

I trust, that I have given you more than a good reason to begin building your personal brand.


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Bernard Kelvin Clive is an Author, Speaker and Corporate Trainer. Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal Branding and Digital Book Publishing. An Amazon bestselling author of over 40 published books. As a speaker & trainer he has been known to simplify complex ideas about branding and life and present them to audiences in clear, actionable steps. He has over a decade experience in digital publishing and has globally consulted for entrepreneurs, pastors, and people like you to write books and build brands. He hosts the number one ranked Career & Business Podcast in Ghana. Bernard is a brand strategist at BKC consulting and runs the monthly Branding & Publishing Masterclass.

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