9 Nuggets for Your Life’s Bucket

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9 Nuggets for Your Life’s Bucket

9 Nuggets for You Life’s Bucket

Today, I present to you golden pieces of wisdom – summary of ideas and advice to take along on life’s journey…

  1. 1.   Find Your Purpose

The reason for which something was created: Everyone has a purpose to fulfill and no one appeared here by accident. Find what you are supposed to do, why you are here, the problems to solve, the life’s to impact. That will be your purpose.


  1. 2.   Work with Passion

Being consumed by what you do – the zeal and enthusiasm that comes when you find your purpose – passion at work. I created this acronym for PASSION.

  • Purpose – knowing exactly what you want. Definiteness of purpose
  • Action – having a working plan and working the plan
  • Self-Starter  – being an initiator, self-motivated person
  • Self-Confident – believing in yourself and your dreams
  • Inspired – finding your source of inspiration.
  • Organized – Putting your ideas into meaningful form(Structure)
  • Natural – whatever you do, just be yourself, follow your heart


  1. 3.   Polish your gifts

John Maxwell stated that “Talent is Not Enough”  Yes , that is true. This requires discipline to practice and work on your gifts and talents daily, a habit that sets the high achievers from the ordinary. Always find ways to improve and build yourself up. Ronald E. Osborn emphasized “Undertake something that is difficult; it will do you good. Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”


  1. 4.   Be Confident

Believe in yourself and what you have you offer, this comes in when you keep mastering your craft, becoming so good at what you do boosts your confidence.


  1. 5.   Smile always

Energize your environment with your smile, joy and excitement. Keep a cheerful countenance always. Learn to be happy in spite of conditions. It heals.


  1. 6.   Love people

Love people for who they are. Madam Teresa stated “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread”. Love conquers all things –spread love


  1. 7.   Be Patient but Persevere

Take a day at a time, don’t rush through life, and remember certain processes will always require time; a seed sown must die first before it germinates. The patience to wait for it is the key to success. Add to your patience persistence.  Keep pushing, till the door is open. Note that every wall has door – keep knocking.


  1. 8.   Be Grateful

Be thankful for life, for all the little things in life, for your accomplishment. Gratitude is a key that unlocks doors. The more grateful you are for what you have the more you get to be grateful.


  1. 9.   Give. Give Give!

Give to people, give back to the society. Give of yourself, your wealth of wisdom, your money, your time and whatever you can give gracefully. Give in every capacity you can. It doesn’t matter how much we have or what we have, what matters most is how much we willing to give. ~ EnjoyLife


Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

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  1. amazing always, love people, be confident, know your purpose give else again wuld u need in this life? BOOM

  2. A must read.

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