7 Things Brands and can Learn from ANTS

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7 Things Brands and can Learn from ANTS

“Until you dare to take on new challenges you wouldn’t discover your full potential.” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

1. Dedication: Have you ever watched ants lining up in a long trail to pick food particles from a spot? You may ask what happens when those food particles are exhausted. Do the lines of the ants gets vanish? Ants display single-eyed focus on the task at hand. Once they get started on a project, they are glued to it till completion. So, Great Brands are dedicated! Dedicated to their course.

 2. Discipline: Sometimes we all wonder why ants keep packing foods. They prepare for the future. They don’t live in the here and now. They go through a rigorous routine to prepare for seasons ahead. The Bible says though they have no ruler – they get things done. Great Brands like ants prepare for the future. They learn from the present to leverage the future. To be a great brand requires self-discipline!

3. Design: Planning. It’s amazing to know the quantum of planning that is undertaken by ants in every project they embark on. They plan and communicate the plan effectively to get it achieved. When an ant finds food, it leaves clues to help the others trace it so they don’t lose track of it. Planning leads to the effective execution of projects. Great Brands like ants plan. The plan becomes their road map to success. What is your plan for your brand and business growth?

4. Development: They build their homes and their colonies. Development is about patiently preparing for the task at hand and ahead. Learn to develop your personal brand, business growth strategy, to properly harness its powers for profit and impact. Great brands don’t just happen overnight; they go through a process – stages of development. 

5. Dominance: Ants can be found in almost any part of the world – that’s total dominance! It’s easy for ants to dominate any environment with their numbers and team spirit. They easily take charge of an environment and fight for their colonies – territories. Great brands, dominate, they do all they can to be top of mind in their fields. They fight for their territories. They make their presence known and wage attacks from every angle. Learn to make your brand dominate.

6. Die-hards: Tell me, have you tried to derail ants from getting to their destinations? You would realize that when you place an obstacle in front of them, they always find a way around it. They are unstoppable. Great brands like ants don’t just give up when faced with challenges. They fight and fight harder. Ants and great brands possess the spirit of determination. No quitting, be determined to succeed.

7. Daring: Ants do mighty things. They lift weights about 50 times their body size, just with their jaws. That’s herculean! For one to succeed and rise in any field of endeavor, one must have the ability to build one’s inner muscles of agility to rise above the status quo. The giant in ants propels them to do far more than they seem capable of. Until you dare to take on new challenges you wouldn’t discover your full potential. Brands that hit the iconic status dare new things; they innovate.


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