6 Costly Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

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6 Costly Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Even if social media has been a part of our lives for at least a decade now, it is still obvious to perform and avoid mistakes, especially for brands that want to engage in conversation with an online community.

1. Promote yourself more than 25% of the time

If people are on social media it’s all about having fun and having a good time, so they’ll hate receiving promotions all the time from your Facebook page or Twitter account! Without wanting to, you will therefore lose followers on your social network.

The promotion of your company or brand must therefore be done in a subtle way and no more than 25% of the time you spend on the network. For example, if you post 4 messages a day on Twitter, only one should promote your brand or company.

2. Race to more “likes”

Let’s not hide the fact that we all like to have many likes on our Facebook publications or retweets on Twitter. These different interactions make it possible to better disseminate a product or service. However, number is not synonymous with quality. 100 likes does not necessarily mean that 100 customers will buy the displayed product. Among the likes are enthusiasts of your sector of activity, friends or professionals. So don’t make any mistakes! It is not these large numbers that help you improve your business.

3. Social networks are not just marketing tools

Social media was originally designed to connect and connect people, not to do marketing. Being present on social networks only to promote your products or services is the worst possible start. Create and stimulate conversations between you and your prospects. In this way, you create a lasting interest in your brand. Show that you are not only there to sell, but also to share experiences between enthusiasts of the same subject.

Social networks are amplifiers and do not exist only to make more numbers. Connect people around your company, respect your customers and they will give it back to you.

4. To be a robotic limited company without a touch of humanity

People on social media like to communicate with others and not with a robot or a square profile that can only answer with “yes” or “no” or pre-recorded sentences.

You must therefore add a touch of humanity to your profiles and messages. If you respond to a comment on your profile, then don’t respond with the classic phrases like “we received your comment and we thank you for the attention you paid…” be yourself on the social media, it’s as if someone is talking to you in real life!

5. Do not address negative comments

If you are following and you have read point 3, we have advised you not to respond to insults, but it is an extreme case, not to respond if you cannot control yourself but the best thing is to respond (without vulgarity always) and with a touch of humour.

Generally speaking people are likely to write a negative comment rather than other things, they can spend a lot of time on your site and like a lot of topics without saying anything, but as soon as they see an article that they don’t like they will leave a comment.

It will therefore be necessary to take the time to read these negative comments and respond to them so that a relationship of trust can be established between you and your customers (or potential customers). For your answer it will of course be necessary to try to transform the negative comment into some positive things.

6. Too timid use of social networks

It is a mistake to ask yourself whether or not social networks can be beneficial for your company. Unless you can’t manage your online presence properly, learning how to connect and communicate with your target audience is crucial! And in the Internet age, most of the people who make up this target are present on social networks and it would be a shame to miss them. Especially since social media is the best way to reach them.

So learn how to integrate social media into your company’s strategies. Take training, find out more and see the benefits it can bring. Be careful not to engage in this practice to follow the movement. If you come to do so, invest yourself and put the necessary resources into it.


Being present on the networks therefore requires an active but above all intelligent reflection and attitude. It should be used as a springboard and not as a main vehicle for your growth. Before attacking this field, it is important to know who you are targeting, where your prospects are, and especially how to reach them and with what means. Don’t take this lightly; be meticulous in your actions!

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and ecommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (an Woocommerce mix and match), , Titan Tech and Smart Marketing . 


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