4 TRAITS of Powerful Personal Brands

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4 TRAITS of Powerful Personal Brands

“Successful personal brands are agile” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

4 TRAITS of Powerful Personal Brands


Influential personal brands have a clear purpose, which is the most important pillar of powerful brands —for without purpose and a clear direction of your life, brand and business, you will be building a fake brand.

The purpose should speak clearly to your promise of value. Your USP — Unique Selling Proposition.


  1. INNOVATIVE Successful personal brands are agile, they are innovative and they are adaptable to change. They understand that brands and consumers do evolve so they adjust to the changing trends and times while staying relevant.

    “Innovation and technology drives my business” – Selorm A. Betepe 

  2. AUTHENTIC Influential personal brands understand that the best way to succeed is just being themselves. The world is tired of celebrities who ain’t themselves, they soon fade. Be your best self.

    “Remember it’s OK to be yourself.” – Richard Branson


You must be different to stand out!
The most powerful personal brands are the difference makers, they just don’t fit in, they break rules and set new standards. They have the philosophy of trail-blazers – either they are the first or among the best. Simply Creative!

“…purge mediocrity” – Nana K. Duah

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Comments (2)

  1. Clear purpose, innovation, authenticity, uniqueness. In some ways these points seem to conflict. The tells us two things: 1. They are not really conflicting. For example having a clear purpose seems to conflict with Serlom Betepe’s expression of innovation “…adapt to change…” but we can say that you can have a clear purpose (What You Want to Do) and yet change How You Want to Do It as time advances.

    2. We also look at authenticity and adapting to change. It can also tell us that the measures and means of success in this world may not be always absolute. We may not always be able to define an absolutely workable set of rules. Maybe life is not as scientific as we think or the Science is just to complex for us to study and apply in a repeatable manner like the Pure Sciences.

    What do you think Sir?

    1. Well said Kenneth, this is it, Purpose must be clear, the channels for living that dream (purpose) may change, but the end goal is the same. Ie Ones goal may be to inspire others, mediums could be writing books and speaking tin local communities, however with the adoption of change the medium could be ebooks, webinars, etc , that’s where innovation sets in. Then again staying authentic regardless the authenticity here falls back to your call vision/purpose. Few parameters may change but the core would be same. 🙂

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