27 Tiny Things That Makes Life Worthwhile

27 things in life
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27 Tiny Things That Makes Life Worthwhile

Here 27 Tiny Things that makes Life worthwhile…

Life is supposed to be fun isn’t it?

I will be sharing with you snippets of information, lessons and practical tips for living an inspired and healthy life.  I believe you may be familiar with most of them, however, take this as a kind reminder to reinforce those habits.

  1. Start being grateful: be thankful for what you have right now. Family, friends, and everything about you. The more grateful you are for what you have the more you get to be grateful.
  2. Think abundance.  Don’t limit your thinking by your feelings and by what you see. Break every barrier in your mind.
  3. Everyday set out seeking to be good to people. A little kindness is all that is needed.
  4. Smile often and Laugh out Loud!
  5. Share a warm embrace. Hug someone. Let them feel loved and cherished.
  6. Genuinely compliment others.
  7. Don’t only expect the best in life; give your best at all times.
  8. Remember the “Law of Karma”… what you sow is what you reap.
  9. Don’t cheat your way to the top, don’t cut corners. Be honest. Learn to save and invest.
  10. Be a person of integrity: say what you mean and mean what you say.
  11. Believe in yourself and also believe you have something special to offer the universe.
  12. time_manageTake a nap, rest when necessary; you are not here to solve the entire world’s problem.
  13. Sing out loud; it’s not about your voice it’s about the music inside you.
  14. Life is a risk. If you risk nothing, you gain nothing. Risk wisely.
  15. Don’t think the world owes you something; it owes you nothing; if you need something go make it happen.
  16. Take a walk. You can walk your pet. Take a quite walk alone.
  17. Meditate! Pause, think and reflect often.
  18. If you are married; have good sex as often as possible. It bonds and heals.
  19. Plan and prioritize daily. Keep a journal.
  20. Engage in a new hobby.
  21. Your health matters. Go green; eat lots of vegetables and fruits and drink lots of water daily.
  22. Keep a positive attitude always. A positive attitude won’t solve all your problems but it does well than a negative one.
  23. Remember that you are responsible for your actions and in actions. Be happy and enjoy your life regardless.
  24. Don’t leave your dreams to the mercies of others; take charge.
  25. Frequently purge your life of negative toxic people. If your friends are not helping you they may be hurting.
  26. Don’t hoard your blessings, spread them around. Share the good you have with people. Be a blessing.
  27. Pray!

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