27 Questions to Ask your Potential or Current Mate

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27 Questions to Ask your Potential or Current Mate

Love is such a beautiful thing…

Over the past weeks, I have been discussing the subject of ‘love and relationships’ with a couple of friends and finally compelled and compiled these questions. I believe these questions will do you some good in your relationship. Mike Murdock remarked that questions are very powerful and questions show trust, passion, and focus. So here are the questions…

  1. Could any feelings of affection and romance be revived if you met a previous partner even though you feel strongly committed to me? How are you preventing this?
  2. Do you occasional feel attracted to your ex and why?
  3. What are your future personal goals, next 5 years?
  4. Do you feel stressed when you have no money? Will you be willing to help me pay my previous debts?
  5. What do you admire most about the way your parents treated each other?
  6. Do you believe in life after death? What does your religion say about that? What are your spiritual beliefs?
  7. What one specific thing will I do that will cause you to lose trust in me?
  8. Do you believe in distant relationships? What will happen to our relationship if I travel to a different city or country because of work for a year or more?
  9. Which of your parents were you very close to when growing up and what’s your relationship with them now?
  10. Will marriage without children be a bother to you? If yes, how will you cope with it?
  11. Are you struggling secretly with something in your life that you would like to share with me? If not what will you do if I find it out?
  12. What did you dislike most about your ex and would not like to see happen?
  13. What does affection mean to you? How can I make you feel more loved?
  14. Who are your mentors, what qualities do you admire most about them?
  15. If you had the opportunity to change one thing about yourself, what would that be?
  16. Would it be ok for us to go through each other’s phone book, SMS, email and Facebook account?
  17. Would it be ok for us to open one bank account? Are you ready to share with me how much you earn and your spending habit?
  18. What do you like most in marriages?
  19. Is there anything about marriage that scares you?
  20. Is there anything you would regret not being able to do or accomplish if you married me?
  21. If you always say you are going to do something (calling, texting, running errands, chores, etc.) but never do it, what is the most effective way to bring this problem to your attention?
  22. What do you dislike about my type of clothes and dressing style?
  23. What makes you want to talk to me? What about me tickle you?
  24. Do you believe that our parents should know our financial condition, whether good or bad, just because they want to? How far should this go?
  25. Is there anybody close to you who doesn’t believe we should get into marriage?
  26. Have there been times when you were uncomfortable with the way I behaved with the opposite sex? If so, when and what did I do?
  27. If we eliminated physical attraction from our relationship, what would be left? Would you still love me if I put on weight in future?

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  1. Nice piece…if onei feeld stressed when there is no money what does that imply?

  2. Nice piece…if onei feeld stressed when there is no money what does that imply?

  3. Good one…

  4. questions ooo

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