21 Tips to be more productive at work

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21 Tips to be more productive at work

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” ~ Parkinson’s Law

  1. Plan your day in advance (don’t leave things to chance, take charge).
  2. Be detailed about each task. Assign a start and possible completion time.
  3. Avoid unnecessary phone conversation, it’s your phone and you must have control over it.
  4. Don’t mix working time with home-family time. When you are at work, work, when home, make time for the family and yourself.
  5. Delegate task: you can’t and shouldn’t do all by yourself. Filter the ones you can do and delegate the rest to people who can even do it better.
  6. Avoid unnecessary meetings. Get to know the agenda of meetings before you attend and if it’s not really going to serve any need of yours or you are not compelled to be there, avoid it.
  7. Take notes when you attend meetings.
  8. Schedule appointments; don’t entertain causal visitors at work.
  9. Avoid checking emails first thing in the morning, unless your job depends on it.time_manage
  10. Turn off email and other notification sounds, they distract.
  11. Schedule times for checking and replying to emails.
  12. Use a template to serve time on some of your tasks. Get an email template for specific things you do. In responding to first time customers, repeat thank yous, etc.
  13. Synchronize scheduled events and appointments on your calendar on all your portable devices, especially if you are using a smart phone. In this way, you will be kept updated.
  14. Automate task; things that are done repetitively. Use softwares and necessary tools to help do this.
  15.  Learn to filter information that comes in; you don’t need everything, every email, every news; just be selective and get focused.
  16. Develop the habit of finishing task you start before moving unto the next project. Prioritize.
  17. Consider getting a virtual assistant.
  18. Set and use reminders on your smart phone/tablet.
  19. Try a day or a week media fast (Off social media). Get your mind to refresh.
  20. Learn to say NO! Eliminate!
  21. Take a break; rest!

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