21 Things You Can Do in the Bathroom

Things you Can do in the bathroom
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21 Things You Can Do in the Bathroom

21 Things You Can Do in The Bathroom

bath·room  /ˈbaTHˌro͞om/ : A room containing a bathtub or a shower and usually also a washbasin and a toilet.

I guess you will be thinking and imagining wild things at this point… Whatever it is you are right. Here, the bathroom comprises of the toilet and shower/bath. Some of the things may be possible or not depending on your bathroom setup. Time is of the essence! Let’s get started…
Have fun…
You can do:

  1. Shopping/Banking: yea, this is the Internet age. You can do this simply with your mobile phone/tablet transfer money across the globe, check account balance, etc. It’s really fun shopping in the bathroom; buy books on amazon, bid for items on eBay. You can do your entire window shopping there.
  2. Examine your body. Take a critical look at your body parts and examine them and attend to those parts as soon as possible. Be thankful for everything you have. Note the parts that need to be worked on.
  3. Grooming: trim your nails, have a clean shave and all those petty stuff that needs attention.
  4. Read a book: either a print book or an ebook. This can be very enlightening. Remember reading is good for the soul. Read something positive.
  5. Have a chat: SMS, using Instant messengers, whatsapp, FB chat etc.
  6. Create your to-do list. Plan your day or week. Note things down.
  7. Brainstorm: think deeply about your projects, dreams and goals. Allow the streams of ideas to flow freely.
  8. Learn/ Lectures/Webinars: discover new things right there, read your previous lecture note. Attend an online webinar, revisit things you missed. One fun thing to do is to read old newspapers, you will find some things you missed.
  9. Just bath: enjoy a slow bath either warm or cold water. Take time to bath, using your favorite soap. Make it fun.
  10. Capture your ideas: its said that everyone have at least one great idea in the shower. Now be different find ways to capture your ideas. You can keep a note pad around or phone where it won’t get wet, so you speedily write those ideas down when they happen.
  11. Sing: everyone has a great voice in the bathroom. Sing for a while. Enjoy your own music.
  12. Listen to an audio message/book/podcast/sermon/speech etc. listen to something positive.
  13. Allow the tap to drop slowly into the bucket/bath and listen to the sound, focus on that. It’s a great way to gather ideas.
  14. Meditate: be quite, listen to your internal voice/ the holyspirit.
  15. If you married: leave a love note on the toilet paper/soap/ or the bathroom mirror. Be creative.
  16. Surf the net: browse the Internet especially sites you hardly visit, Google stuff that randomly pops out in your heard, have fun.
  17. Rest in there: sleep in the bath. Take a short nap.
  18. Write a note, an article, and your book outline. Guess what I’m writing this in the washroom using my iPhone.
  19. Exercise: do some exercise in there.
  20. Make it your sacred or secret place: it could be your altar where your pray. It could be where your pour your heart out, you cry, share some tears and be free. You let go the pain.
  21. Rehearse: practice your speech, sermon, song. Talk to yourself. I do this most often.


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  1. wooooow, I love this. cme to think of I do mst of these things in the bathroom, bt I didn't think of it as grt. thanx for making me realise that.

    1. Bernard Kelvin Clive

      You are welcome. Yes they are great. EnjoyLife

  2. this is awesome…..i do some already. thank you.

  3. Woow this is so cool. Reading old news paper, I always find something new. Crying while bathing is a relief!

  4. Pratibha Mod

    well i think bathroom is the place where we don’t shy and express freely that is why we do most of things that are funny in nature like dancing, talking to mirror and even smoking as well. whenever i am tense than i go to bathroom and express my anger on the mirror that is how i release my pressure.

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