21 Friends Share their Productivity Tips/Tools

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21 Friends Share their Productivity Tips/Tools

 “We don’t manage time, we manage activities within time” @bernardkelvin


A lot can be achieved in one day

Within a 24 hour time frame, I got in touch with some friends of mine to discuss the subject of productivity. Each of them is actively involved in either a project, cause or organization, that is making a difference and helping create a better world. They willingly volunteered to share with me some of the best productivity tips they’ve learnt and apply in everyday life. I asked them to spare two minutes to answer these two questions:

  1. What is your best productivity tip/phrase/advice?
    2. What has been your best tool or app to work productively in your job?


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Here are their tips and tools;


  • Schedule work to be done and stick to it.
  • Positive mindset and my laptop

Jennifer Agyeman, Trainer, Image & Life Coach



  • Discover your life’s purpose and engage in activities that help you fulfill it.
  • Notes app: useful for jotting down ideas and setting goals.

Benjamin Kweku Nettey Larbi | Institutional Coordinator, King’s College London Summer School (Regent University College of Science and Technology)




  • Victory is not wishing; victory is in working
  • Laptop

Minister David Mills, HR & Leadership Institute



  • Focus on the 20% that bring 80% of results,
  • Organiser

Dr. William Okyere-Frempong, CEO HuD Group



  • Let no one define what you can or cannot do. If you can imagine it, believe it and step out to take action, you can have it.
  • My Notebook . I call it my thought book.

Dr. Samuel Tinagyei, Author



  • Best Productivity Tip: Just do the damn job you’re supposed to be doing. Focus on the details and not the generality but also be wary of distractions
  • Best Tool or App: My email [Outlook] and BlueMail

Theo Acheampong | Co-Founder and CEO, Africa Economics, LLC.



  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  • My laptop and Google

Dr. Adwoa Badoe, Author



  • If it must be done it must be done well.
  • Facebook

Kenny P. Tsikata, Author | Preacher | Entrepreneur



  • Whatever you choose to do must be of a royal treat of service for the sake of the people not profit or reward. Give off as though it is a will to your beloved.
  • My best tool has been my networks, media and alternative media

Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah, Transformational coach



  • I simply stay consistent and persistent. I believe to be productive one needs to stay active doing the right things. And doing them consistently and persistently till you make progress towards perfection. In short, to get results or to be productive, be active. Be consistent and be persistent.


  • Facebook has been a phenomenal tool for me. Using this tool has enabled me reach and create a niche for myself. It has helped me project what I do as a writer beyond my borders. With the help of Facebook I have connected with and communicated what I do with wonderful people across the globe.

Gamel Sankarl, Author/Ace Inspirational Speaker/Academician



  • If it must be done, it must be done well. I am were i am because i believe in the god of all possibilities.. Only fools who don’t change their mind.
  • Google chrome – browser; makes me run so orderly

Daniel Antwi – CEO, ProMobile GH



  • Sole dependence on God’s Grace will remove disgrace!
  • Twitter and Facebook

Steward Jane(Author/Conference Speaker/Brand Analyst/Researcher)



  • It’s now or never
  • Laptop and Bible

Jonathan A. Bill-Pastor, Author

producivity 4


  • The only way the brain can challenge what the eye saw is by having the mind as his witness.
  • Apple notepad.

DALE Quist, The MindSurgeon



  • You can’t do anything well without employing your mind to think through and through. Think, think and think again. You can’t just do anything.
  • My best tools: Note taking, internet and friends (call it networking, but friendship is deeper than just networking)

Daniel Oberko, Author




  • What is your best productivity tip/phrase/advice?The best productivity tip I could ever give someone is always have a positive attitude to everything. No matter which situation you find yourself, always have a positive attitude. If you are working for someone, think of it as you own that company and act the way you would as if it was yours, by doing so, you put all your energy into what you do. This does not only help build the company, but also enhances your skills and prepares you for your own ventures in life. I have always treated every job i had had as my own and I always try as much as I can to be happy. Listen with an antelope ears, and be slow in speaking. Think of 5x faster before you say anything and also be true to yourself.


  • What has been your best tool or app to work productively in your job?It’s funny, though I am a Tech junkie, I don’t actually have any special tool, but if I do, its feedly, Gmail for Android to check my emails, Twitter to check what’s trending in my area of interest, LinkedIn to check my connection and make new connections, Instagram to ease of the stress, Evernote to take notes, XE currency converter to keep track of the cedi and the dollar, WhatsApp to share important links and news among my peers.
    But most of all, the best productivity tip I can give you is a peace state of mind. I mostly feel productive when I visit a particular coffee shop around OSU. The place is peaceful for my mind which makes me productive. Find a peaceful state of mind and you will be productive. Try changing where you work, move to a different desk or work from a remote location if your work permits you.


Albert A. Ninyeh, Tech Junkie



  • Work hard but work well
  • Microsoft Excel

Stephen Nana Ahwireng – Entrepreneur



  • First Plan, then just go and do!
  • The Spirit of Wisdom

Godwin Martey, CEO WebSoft Solutions



  • My meat is to do the will of Him, that sent me, and to finish His work
  • The Bible

Joseph Tamakloe, President, Brakah Royale



  • My best productivity tip is to do one thing at a time. Contrary to popular notion, I don’t believe in multi-tasking. It gets you to start too many things, but may not complete them. Thus, do one thing at a time to completion, before jumping on to the next.
  • My best productivity app is WhatsApp. While it may not be a “productivity” app in the real sense of the word, it has helped me to check up on my team members who are scattered all around the country. It helps me know what’s going on with them, etc. We have a page there where we have our meetings and all that.

Jonathan Adzokpe, Team Lead at Hetura Books.




  • Passion, Commitment, Discipline – passion makes me enjoy doing which leads to results, commitment ensures continuity, discipline makes me stay on track.
  • Stickynotes and my diary help me follow up on tasks as I combine a couple of things.

Yaw Odoom, TroTro Diaries



  • Pursue excellence and success will follow you.
  • It’s my phone; I keep my jokes and revise them on it.

David Aglah, Comedian



  • My productivity tip or advice will be never give up, and try and get a team that shares same vision.
  • Best tool Java Netbeans, Coda, Fireworks, Photoshop

Kweku Addo Darko Ghansah | Web Developer



  • Have a game plan and stick to it.
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Stanley Osei (Photographer)



  • Find your purpose.
  • Google

Jonathan Agyemang | CEO, FortifyID Systems, a security solutions company




  • Early is on time: one time is late and late should be unheard of.
  • Facebook/ Google

Sara Nana Yeboah- CEO Sangy Nursing Services



  • Do the hard task first
  • To do list

Emmanuel Woyome, Career Coach




  • The happiness we seek in this life is outside our comfort-zone.
  • Social Media

Wilson Ayinbangya Amooro, Amazon Author & Poet



  • To be productive at work. Time is really not your friend, so you have to make the best out of what you have. Concentrate on the major task with a sense of responsibility (i.e. task you have to do and finish them as scheduled). Leave the minor (i.e. things that are not included in your task; these minor things can really get you off track.
  • Adobe Creative Suite

Selorm Alfred Betepe, CEO Seloart Group Ltd.


  • Don’t work for too long before you take some rest.
  • Photoshop CS6

Isaac Clad, Graphic Designer


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