21 Key People to have in your Network

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21 Key People to have in your Network

“The depth of your network is more important than its length” – Bernard Kelvin Clive


  1. A medical practitioner: Doctor, Nurse, pharmacist etc
  2. Legal practitioner: Judge, Lawyer, etc
  3. Media practitioner: TV, Radio producer or presenter, etc
  4. Branding expert: personal brand coach, graphic designer, photographer, etc
  5. Financial advisor: accountant, investor, etc
  6. Priest: Pastor, prophet, etc
  7. Communication expert, writer, author,
  8. Agriculturist: farmer, food vendors: eg Waakye & Koko seller
  9. Politician (one in every political party)
  10. Real estate agent/ building contractor
  11. Security expert: Police, Military officer, etc
  12. Educationists: professor, teacher etc
  13. Driver: taxi driver, transport officer, mechanic
  14. Counselor, psychologist, coach
  15. IT Expert
  16. Engineer
  17. Electrician
  18. Travel agent
  19. Freelancer: Barber, Hair stylist, “Any job boy”
  20. Business advisor/
  21. Social media/ PR expert


Now it is your turn, what other people would you need in your network?

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