17 Things to Drop Now

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17 Things to Drop Now

“Your addiction to daily distraction denies you of effectiveness” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

In this episode you will find the 17 Things to drop

  1. Laziness, idleness, less or no action towards goals
  2. Procrastination
  3. Gossips & lies
  4. Lateness to appointments and events
  5. Excessive Alcohol
  6. Poor eating habits
  7. Prayerlessness
  8. Ingratitude
  9. People pleasers, pretenders
  10. Greed & jealousy
  11. Promiscuity
  12. No budgeting & overspending
  13. Scared-freaks, Non-risk takers
  14. Negative people, fault finders
  15. Dream killers & idea thieves
  16. Troublemakers, drama people
  17. Indecisive & indiscipline people

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