17 Nuggets for Aspiring Authors

Nuggets for Aspiring #Authors
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17 Nuggets for Aspiring Authors

“The size of your audience is more important than the size of your book” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

17 Nuggets for Aspiring Authors

  1. Write from your heart
  2. Develop your own writing style, find your voice.
  3. Write daily, no matter the length, just write.
  4. Read books by other authors & experts.
  5. Read wide, read beyond your scope.
  6. Attend writing & publishing workshops!
  7. Learn more from your chosen field and from other authors
  8. Get feedback for your writings
  9. Review your writings. Don’t be afraid to repeat, repeat that which works.
  10. Hire a professional editor, a poorly written book doesn’t sell.
  11. Don’t compare yourself with other authors
  12. Be prepared for rejection, certainly, some wouldn’t like your works.
  13. Market your books from day one. Art is not CHEAP! Sell it!
  14. Invest in your book promotion. Paid ads work.
  15. Find your audience, build a tribe and write for them.
  16. Publish your book! It’s not about the size of your book, It’s about the substance in it!
  17. Your book may or may not make you a fortune but write & Publish it anyway!

“It’s not about the size of your book, It’s about the substance in it!” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

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