12 Ways to Create More Brand Awareness

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12 Ways to Create More Brand Awareness


12 Ways to Create Brand Awareness

  1. Focus on building long-term relationships than a quick sale.
  2. Put your audience first, not money first, consider giving value always
  3. Give your best content out for FREE; you will be spreading good karma
  4. Celebrate your fans/follows/audience on social media; they will spread your brand info.
  5. Build trust and always deliver on your promise value.
  6. Make your tagline/slogan memorable. Make it visible at most places.
  7. Create your own term/word which can be associated with your brand.
  8. Crave word of mouth promotion from your audience; it is still one of the best forms of advertisement. Wow your audience and they will spread the word about your brand.
  9. Say ‘thank you’ more frequently in many ways; use a card, use email, use tweet, post, etc
  10. Use your brand logo on most of your products, make it visible but don’t make it messy
  11. Be proactive, try out new things all the time, and don’t follow the masses.
  12. Being normal is too predictable for your brand, so stand out, dare to do something positively weird to promote your brand.


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