10 things You Can Do to Protect Your Online Reputation

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10 things You Can Do to Protect Your Online Reputation

Reputation is the opinion people have developed of you based on their interaction with you, your brand or your products and services.

10 things You Must Do to Protect Your Online Reputation

  1. Monitor your brand using Google Alerts
  2. Get a professionally designed Brand Identify: Logo, taglines, colors
  3. Register your brand name: Trademark, Copyright
  4. Register a domain name
  5. Get a personal/business website
  6. Customize your Social Media URLs
  7. Utilize SEO and employ the services of a professional Public Relations Company.
  8. Use Live events/ Networking as an opportunity to promote your brand
  9. Use Brand Ambassadors/Advocates to promote your brand
  10. Charity/Give:, give and give


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