The Broken Fits


It’s broken but fits well

There comes a time where the broken fits perfectly into your planned life. That’s where the real meaning of your life and its purpose dawns on you. A season where a broken relationship, lost job, disappointment, delays and disgrace turn to fit someway somehow into your life beautifully, like a missing piece of puzzle. You begin to make sense from the nonsense, from the tears and fears come hope and joy; a sudden zest for that newness of life. The aha! Moment. That is life. God is working it out for your good behind the scenes. EnjoyLife!


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About the author

Bernard Kelvin Clive

A Lifestyle Entrepreneur, CEO of BKC Consulting, amazon bestselling author with fifteen published books. Hosts the #1 ranked Business & Career Podcast in Ghana/Botswana and arguably the number one authority on Digital Publishing and Personal branding.

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