Survival and Success: Living a Life of Influence – Manuel Corazzari

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Survival and Success: Living a Life of Influence – Manuel Corazzari

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. ” ― Robert H. Schuller

In this podcast episode I had conversation with Manuel Corazzari, sharing his success and struggles and making it to building great brands.

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Manuel Corazzari is a photographer, brand specialist, musician, public speaker and the husband of Lori Corazzari.

At his early age, Manuel Corazzari flew to Unites States from Costa Rica with $5 on one pocket and a one million dollar smile in the other pocket.

Three months later he end up meeting his future mentor David Jordan Allen that saw the talent and determination on this young person’s life, a year later Manuel started learning web design, html and graphics, 5 years later television, TV productions, cameras, and 10 years later advertising, public relations, networking and personal branding.


Today Manuel Corazzari is the CEO of Crown Media LLC. A Technology Company that utilizes media to impact the market world through all the ways of Media! Manuel Highlights are focus on Branding, Networking, assisting the world, and crossing every door of opportunity that faces our way.

Manuel works closely with clients to create distinctive brand identities that have real meaning, relevance and uniqueness, to ensure they stand out from the competition.

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